Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Wanderer

All he ever does now, is wander around, thinking of what could have been. And as fate would have it, their paths could never cross again.
That glittering smile on her face brought back a lot of memories. He knew exactly what she felt, she used to look at him the same way. He looked at the man in front of her and wondered if he knew how lucky he was to have her.
Every now and then there was a moment of sadness in her eyes, like a wish to wake up from a nightmare. But nobody seemed to notice except him and there was nothing he could do about it. He had been reduced to nothing more than a memory…he shared her sadness.  
He wished he had another chance with her… no one could love her like he did. And he knew that she would never forget him either. Could this be the cause of the sadness in her eyes?
He remembered the first time they met, and how he knew without a shadow of doubt that they were meant to be together. It was love at first sight and he could feel a strange sensation tickling down his spine and they made his knees weak.
He remembered how her eyes would light up every time she saw him, he knew he would never need
 anyone else.
He thought about the long conversations and moments of blissful silence where words had no part.
He thought about their plans to marry, have children and grow old together…memories, they always have such sad endings.
He smiled as he watched her twirl her hair with her fingers as she playfully whispered something in his ear. He remembered the last thing she said before they said goodbye.
Those words would haunt him forever…entangle him in an endless cycle of regret and desolation.

Call a cab

Don’t drink and drive.

                                                                    Zakk Sangkima

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Mizohican said...

Inspired by Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss"? :D :D :D