Thursday, February 7, 2013

Epic Valentine's Day Part 1

Valentine’s Day…What a depressing shitty day!
When I was younger it was one of the most anticipated days of the year for me. It was a day I got to unleash my love poetry skills, a day I would pamper my then girlfriends, a day that got me broke for the rest of the month (I always bought more than I could afford). Buying cards (note cards) stuffed toys, gifts, chocolates, flowers and lunch and dinner. Back in the day it was hard to afford these things in high school, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

College changed everything, all the romance in me fell off like dry mud. When I look back I can only remember 2 Valentine’s Day worth mentioning. Well one is not even worth putting it down but, I hope she reads this and takes it as an apology. Ok, so let’s get down to business and confess.

Epic Valentine’s Day 1: Wards Lake

After quite an eventful winter vacation in Aizawl, I came back to Shillong and the night before I left I got into a relationship with a girl I met during me stay. I invited her for dinner, she came, we had a good chat and things looked good so we decided it was worth taking it further. So back in Shillong I would call her every day, we’d talk for hours at an end, and I stared to miss her quite a lot (she missed me too). As months went by I decided we should take things to the next level, so I asked her to come down to Shillong to spend Valentine’s Day with me and she did, reached Shillong on Valentine’s Day. J I don’t remember ever being so excited about meeting someone. 

It was an unusually hot day that day and I was confused on what to wear, nevertheless I promptly dressed up, carefully picked out the right perfume, ironed my clothes (so unlike me), rolled a J and went to pick her up. 

I called up my best buddy Jerry, told him to meet me in Wards Lake with his girlfriend for a romantic stroll around the lake and we’d later go to Pinewood for lunch and drinks. Everything would have gone fine if I hadn’t had the damn J. Anyway I picked her up she look as pretty as ever, we had a good conversation along the way and suddenly I started getting really shy, spoke less and less and by the time we reached Wards Lake I must have looked like a dumb mute.

Jerry and his girlfriend were waiting for us there and after the introduction we decided to buy peanuts to feed the fishes in the lake. So we slowly strolled towards the hoards of small shops selling the required product, and just as I bought the peanuts and handed it to her, she fainted. Slam on the road, I panicked and ran. Yup I was so embarrassed I ran (I know I’m an ass). Jerry’s girlfriend took care of her while he came running after me telling me to stop, come back and be a man and take care of her. After much convincing and a flurry of abuses from Jerry I agreed. 

I was so tired from the running I bought a bottle of water and he walked me back to her and by the time I got back she was awake. She looked at me and I promptly said here have some water you must be exhausted! She rested for a while and she was fine. She must have thought how thoughtful of him, when I handed her the bottle.  

I begged Jerry and his girlfriend (I don't think she was impressed with what I did at all) not to tell her what I had done, they agreed not to spill my uninspiring move provided I buy them both a round of drink to which I quickly agreed. The rest of the day went fine, the lunch and dinner we had together was ummm... due to lack of a better word ‘epic’, but the next day was even worse than the last, but that’s not what we want to talk about.

I can understand this post would seem as uninspiring and my move at the lake, but I did learn a valuable lesson that day. Don’t smoke a J before your first date! See you all know what not to do on a first date.
No thanks required Part 2 Next Post.


Anonymous said...

hehe. nice read, as always. But what's a J? just wondering, though my first date was some 30 years back and seems to have gone off fine as she's still with me ;) maybe because there was no J involved? ;)

Zakk said...

@ruolngulworld J means Jin Ling Cigarettes lol ;p and you're lucky there was no J involved hahahaha
P.S you disappear and appear like a Ninja lol. welcome back to the blogging world.