Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Epic Valentine’s Day Part 2 - Radio Ga Ga

OK truth be told I was about to go out on a ranting spree of my Valentine’s Day experiences so far, all very uninspiring but something special happened. It might not seem very special to most people but to me it was, so out with the ranting and in with this awesome experience, so here we go: (Please keep in mind that I'm sharing this experience at the risk of sounding excessively cheesy)

I usually never listen to radio anymore, but since I was hit by a truck last week I had to give my car to the service station for damage repairs and so I had to take the family car to work. We have a Ford Figo for a family car and you would all know it has a crappy sound system (no USB) and bad speakers (unlike my car which is pimped up). Anyway since I couldn't play all my favorite songs in my pen-drive  I decided to listen to the radio for a change and as I was driving along the RJ announced that they were having a Valentine’s Day contest where the listeners were asked to send their 100 word love note or poem to FM 94.3 and the winners would get an all expense paid dinner for 2. I thought to myself 'EPIC', free dinner? I’m in!

I reached office, opened my laptop and sent them an old note I had written for someone sometime back called Who Am I? Next thing I know the RJ calls me up saying Zakk you’ve won, I’m gonna give you a prize, who did you write it for etc. asked me for a few details and before I knew it I was live on air with that someone I had written it for. I was so nervous so was she, especially when she asked are you two married? I sheepishly answered ‘no, we used to date but not anymore’. But the RJ was rather inspiring when she went on to say “you guys should get back together, this is the loveliest note I've even read and I can feel the love in the air” etc.

It all happened so fast I can’t even remember in detail what we said and how we answered her questions. I tried very hard to maintain my composure but I think I just laughed or giggled the whole incident through. But I do remember one part where she asked “so ….. are you really scared of lizards?” and we both answered “Petrified” together lol. I thought that was really romantic in a way.

As the RJ explained what we had won, I realized they didn't really mean a thing. The gift voucher, the dinner etc. what I had really won was much better more valuable. I won an awesome Valentine’s Day experience for once. Initially it was embarrassing but after a while it becomes a surreal experience that brings a smile, and to know that this experience will always bring a smile every time I look back is priceless.

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