Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Treasure

She says the sweetest things
Even sweeter when she sings
We talk for hours which seems like minutes
Days are not long enough when I'm with her
And the nights without her seem to last forever
Shes a friend but shes more than that
Her imperfections are what makes her perfect
And my pursuit for perfection makes me imperfect
But together we make our friendship perfect
Her smile could warm the coldest hearts
And make men fall under the stars
I stand possessive wishing it was regressive
But its hard with someone so addictive
She always smells divine
Most would compare her to the rarest wine
To be savored and appreciated
But i compare her to nature
Beauty in ways that could astonish the blind
A treasure of sorts to find

Marvel Of Creation

She aims for the sky
And will never take a lie
Shes full of questions
In her search for reasons
Her innocence is intriguing
But never deceiving
She shines like the sun
And her beauty's never done
She holds my hand
And corrects the way i stand
The mistress of grace
An angel in many ways
She walks like a princess
Shines like the moon in the darkness
The marvel of creation
A Goddess in all relation