Friday, July 24, 2009

I Wish...

I wish I could give you the world
But I can’t, so I give you mine
I wish I could make you smile everyday
But I can’t, so I find solace in the fact that I smile at every thought of you
I wish I could be with you everyday
But I can’t, but knowing that you’re in my heart every minute is worth living for
Deprived I live but content with the thought that you’re around

Monday, July 20, 2009


Dazed, i sit and stare at the walls around me,
Thinking about why we fought for like - "the hundredth time!"
I remember how it used to be --
We'd share our fears and delights.
You have been a great friend to me,
I don't know how to make things right.

Should i call or should i just text?
Numerous questions fill my thoughts.
If i call, would the wounds reappear?
If i don't, would you disappear?
I can't stand to cause you any pain,
Hurting you again is my worst fear.

Whenever my spirit needed a lift,
You would always be there.
We have been through moments that were both good and bad.
Even moments that were happy and sad.
Every time we fought and argued,
Even though it takes time sometimes,
I knew deep down that we'd somehow make things right.

Our friendship is special to me -
Its like having a four leaf clover,
Lucky when we have it
But real hard to find.

Whenever we have problems or doubts,
We may not be able to find solutions
But we'd listen and somehow,
We'd find the answers
And sort things out.

I know that i may not be able to prevent you
From falling away from friendship.
But know that ill always be there -
To talk to u and to pray for you,
Even when you need some space to be yourself.
I can't tell you who you are,
But ill always be there to help you pick up the pieces.

All i know now is that -
Even when friendship changes,
It does not necessarily mean that it ends.
When i stroll down memory lane,
A sudden realization dawns on me -
I know that ill always have YOU to count on,
You can read my thoughts and know exactly how i feel,
Even when i try to hide it.