Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hard Times

Sometimes you can find friends in the people you hate
Find love in the coldest hearts
Find peace in the midst of war
Find hope when all hope is lost
Find light in the deepest darkest pits
Find ourselves in our darkest hours
Find strength in our weakness
Find Answers in the questions we ask
And then there are times when everything is messed up and nothing makes sense. Every road we take leads us only to another crossroad.
Some say it’s only a quarter life crises and it shall pass, but then again where one road ends another must start and you find yourself looking at a midlife crisis.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who Am I?

Who am I?
• I’m the guy who’s going to tell you how wonderful and beautiful you are every morning and night (and maybe a few hundred times in between).
• I’m the guy who’s going to hold your hand and never let you go.
• I’m the guy who’s going to watch soppy and dramatic tv serials with you(if you promise to watch and support Chelsea).
• I’m the guy who sees thru your eyes and see the sadness and hug you and tell you everything’s gonna be ok.
• I’m the guy who’s gonna make sure there isn’t a single lizard in our house (we might have to discuss the cat situation tho).
• I’m the guy who you’re gonna sing with everyday you play the piano and I’ll play the guitar(we can even write songs together)
• I’m the guy who’s gonna fight and argue with you just because I like to pamper you to make up for the fight.
• I’m the guy who’s gonna make sure we visit every country in Africa, Europe, Asia and America (one of my dreams is to travel the world, and it would be so much better with you)
• I’m the guy who’s gonna say ‘babe you already have way too many perfumes and shoes’ but buy you 1 anyway, just coz I like to see your eyes open up and glitter when you see them.
• I’m the guy who’s gonna stare at sexy women as they pass us bye in the mall, not coz I like em but because I feel sorry for them (they simply do not compare to you).
• I’m the guy who you can read and study the bible with every day (it builds relationship).
• I’m the guy who’s going to love and respect your family.
• But most of all I’m the guy who’s always gonna be there for you and love you regardless…
I want to love you forever, and maybe that’s not long enough but I always like to aim low, so we can start with forever and see how we go once we reach our destination.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Delailah

I’ve heard your name a thousand times before
stories of your deception in ancient folklore
Never did I imagine you haunting me
Oh Delilah the life of Samson in me I see

For gold and silver did you trade your heart
Looking back I should have seen your intentions from the start
But my eyes went blind from your charming ways and fragrance
now a helpless victim of my own ignorance

Now they say you’ve mended your ways and found Jesus
A new found happiness and chants of prayers for all of us
But what becomes of us, that you have broken and shattered?
Is your remorse enough to mend what you have battered?

Oh Delilah of the ancient and the present
Never has your stories felt so real and indecent
Many a men have u deceived over time
How many locks will you cut, before you finally draw the line?