Friday, November 9, 2012

My top 10 Power Ballads of all Time

I feel lucky to have been born in the 80’s if not for anything else but the music we grew up listening to. The earliest memory I have of rock music was in the late 80’s when we were still living in Kulikon Aizawl. I don’t remember very clearly who it was specifically, but it was either my dad or one of my uncles that used to play “Twisted Sister – Were not gonna take it”. I loved that song, I didn't know English at all, so I would make up the words and just rock to it. We didn't even have cassettes back then so all the music we had were the good old vinyl records. I remember our sitting room drawers and shelves’ filled with these records.

So anyway, I think the 80’s and the 90’s were the best era for music especially rock, but I must admit the disco guys had it good too. Some of the best songs were released in this era, from party anthems to timeless rock ballads we had it all. I can still picture parties where people would rock it out to tracks like “Come on feel the noise by Quiet Riot”, “We will rock you - Queen” etc. The best part about this era was that both men and women were listening to the same genre of music ROCK, the only difference was that the guys would listen to heavy metal and the women hated it, but we were one and united in ROCK, until the NKOTB fever destroyed everything. 

My first love letter had a few lines from Warrant’s Heaven hahahaha 
its funny when I look back now but man those power ballads would make my hair stand and give me goosebumps. Being in love and listening to these songs could not be compared to anything I had ever felt before, it was like we were one, the songs and me. Which is why songs like “You’re all I need, Till death do us part – White Lion, Hold on to my heart, If you need somebody – Bad Company, Have you ever needed some - Def Leppard etc.” will always have a special place in my heart. So without further ado, here’s my list of the top 10 best Power Ballads of all time.

10. Is this Love – White Snake
9. Amanda – Boston (If you're in love with someone & you need to let them know, this song will do the trick)
8. I Need You Now – Alias
7. I Can’t Live Without Your Love & Affection – Nelson
6. Every Rose has Its Thorn – Poison
5. I Remember You – Skid Row
4. Till Death Do Us Part – White Lion (I used to picture myself getting married to this song)
3. I Want You – Bon Jovi (One of the best underrated power ballads from Bon Jovi)
2. Hold on to my Heart – Bad Company/ Open Arms – Journey (a tie coz these 2 songs are equally awesome)
1. Faithfully – Journey
Hands down the best Power Ballad of all time from the gurus themselves - Journey. I don’t know anyone who doesn't like this song, Steve Perry’s heart melting voice, coupled with Neal Schon’s melodic guitar and brutally honest lyrics from Jonathan Cain, makes this song the best in my list. A masterpiece, enough said!


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