Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not So Merry Christmas

As I sit and sluggishly prepare myself for a rather forgetful Christmas in Delhi this year, I’m forced to wonder “what the fuck went wrong?”, “Christmas without the family?” I mean just 2 months back (October) I was happily unwrapping my Christmas tree, had a great time decorating it, and was already listening to my favorite Christmas songs. Read: NSYNC – Home for Christmas (Hands down the best Christmas Album)
how did I get from there to here?

I was so excited (always am) with the prospect of meeting my family and spending quality time with them. Now with Christmas just 3 days away all the excitement has more or less died. Christmas songs irritate the shit out of me and to be honest I really feel like packing up the tree and bury it somewhere never to see the light of day. Yes I said it!

After quite an eventful year, where I and my family have gone through some of the most traumatic experiences, it would have made sense for a happy ending but looks like it not to be. Let’s have a look at what 2013 had to offer.

To start with I have missed my flights more times than I can remember (started with missing my flight home for Christmas last year).

·         I was going to write about the dream job I had to reject, but I’m very happy where I am so let’s skip to the third.

·         I lost a very close friend, a brother and an ex boss in Pranay. We met on a Saturday night and planned to go out for dinner on Monday and he passed away that very Monday.

·         Our cook who had been with us for close to 10 years brutally murders our Driver (RIP and God bless his soul) in Delhi. Now this is the kind of shit you watch in movies and read about in crime magazines, never expecting it would happen to you. All my siblings were convinced our house was haunted and so we had to shift out of our beautiful bungalow to an apartment in Vasant Kunj.

·         This shift in address meant that I now had to travel a grueling 45 kilometers everyday to work. That’s 2 hours going and 2 coming home.

·         Endless nightmares about the murder and strange occurrences that always seem to happen around 4 am (time of the murder) coupled with my high blood pressure sent me into depression. The solution – Meet a shrink! More pills for anxiety, depression, sleeping pills, BP pills etc. but I’m glad to say that as of December I’m out of all medication except for the BP. lets move on this subject is way too depressing.

·         Then comes the election. The endless hours and months of strategizing our campaign, designing websites, organizing events and yes the TVCs (My uncle is the president of MPC – Mizoram Peoples Conference). I made 2 really nice TVCs hoping people would connect with the problem of bad roads and bad electricity. But then yet again all these did not translate to votes and our party the MDA (MNF and MPC) got 7 seats out of 40 and congress as always taking absolute majority.


·         Losing an election is like getting your heart ripped off, because of the time and energy you spend on it, needless to say the money that goes to waste and the sacrifices that you make. It still hurts like yesterday so I won’t go any further. 

·         Because of the many holidays that I’ve taken this year for the Murder, the Depression and the Election Campaign etc. I dint have the balls to apply for more leave to go home for Christmas and partially because of the excessively ridiculous flight rates.

·         So I’m more or less forced to spend this Christmas here in Delhi with my buddy Joe. And to make things worse we don’t have girlfriends. Not that were looking out but you know, its winter, its cold at night and alcohol can only warm you so much and ummm… come on, it’s Christmas time! Spread the love? No love? Only seeds? Lol J/k. (Sometimes I don’t even know why I say the things I say).

Neway I shall count my blessings another day, for now I’m an angry man lashing out at the world because ummm… the Grinch stole my Christmas! That bastard!

So here's my Christmas plan. Drink to my hearts content and pass out early. Maybe watch the Arsenal vs Chelsea match, which I doubt we'll win given the recent or rather usual December sluggishness in form. but hell even if we lose, it gives me more reason to mourn our loss with another round of drinks. Maybe that's what being a true blue means, a blue December. I hate Christmas!

                                                             Merry Christmas everyone!