Friday, December 5, 2014

This Boy Realized How Much He Loves His Girlfriend. You Wont Believe What He Did!

The key to maintaining a truly wonderful relationship is in a man’s hands. If you care enough to do the things I’m about to tell you, I promise you will have a wonderful relationship with your girlfriend/wife/friend. These advice's come from years of experience with women I've had the good blessing to be with. But as my chapter as a bachelor comes to an end, I feel it necessary to pass on what I have learned over the years. There are a lot of things I can write about but I’ll just make this short and sweet, pointing out only the major ones.

  • Listen, listen and listen – Women love to talk! I understand for a man there’s only so much of listening we can do, but train yourself to filter out the rubbish and pick out the few important lines from all they say. Just remember the first part of what she said and the last part of what she said and you are safe.
  •  It’s all about feelings – For women everything is about feelings…EVERYTHING! So knowing how she’s feeling will save you a lot of useless arguments.
  •  Have a routine, to show her you care but do something unexpected every once in a while.
  •  I don’t care what anyone says women love to be surprised so make sure you buy her something every once in a while. Doesn't have to be expensive but it’s the thought that counts.
  • Hug her – Women loved to be hugged, maybe not in public but hug her often. Hug her when she looks sad, when she’s happy and most importantly when she least expects it. When you do hug her hug her like you mean it tight and strong.
  • Give her attention – If you haven’t been communicating much the whole day and she sends you a nasty text or she’s being a bit of an ass when you meet, it means she wants attention. But don’t overdo the attention, don’t be up in her face all day every damn day. Give her space and attention to make sure she knows she’s on your mind. (It helps to set reminders on your phone) it reassures her that she belongs to you and you to her.
  • Compliment her – Nothing can turn a woman’s mood around better than a compliment. If she’s had a bad day and she’s taking it out on you, listen to her, but as soon as the first round of outburst is over compliment her. See how that works. It’s important to listen to the first outburst coz that way she knows you’re there for her but no one needs a round 2, so to avoid it you compliment her.
  •  Lead the conversation even when she thinks she’s leading the conversation – Women can be very self destructing and I mean that in a very cute way. Not in terms of destroying themselves but like I said in a very cute way. They will talk about something and that something will trigger a feeling in her that may make her feel sad, and once that happens it’s like an avalanche of emotional stuff if you don’t butt in. let’s say she’s talking to you about a cut dog she saw today, and suddenly she might remember a dog she had as a kid who went missing and how much she cried. That will trigger a memory of her favorite grandmother/father who has passed away and how much she misses them….etc. now if you have it in you to listen to that for 2 hours you deserve a medal, but if you don’t, know when to butt in and lead the conversation away from the topic. Just when you see the expression on her face change, butt in with a story about a dog you had and say hey maybe we should get a dog (you don’t really have to get it), what should we name it? See how that works.
  •  Don’t make fun of her intelligence – if she’s smarter than you appreciate her intelligence if she’s not, appreciate her likewise. No matter how dumb you might think she is you will be surprised to know that she knows a lot of things you don’t know about. Remember intelligence is not measured on how much you or she knows about current affairs of just plain GK it is also measured on humility, compassion, ability to name a few.
  • Never give up – In life or on her or on your relationship. Cowards give up and no one likes a person that gives up, not even you. There will be times when it seems impossible to be with her, because you’re constantly fighting. But just remember if you stick around long enough to fight through it, you will uncover the reason/s for the fights and once you get over that, you will fall in love all over again. The problem with men is that when provoked we are too impatient and reactive so we make mistakes we don’t mean to and when the consequences pile up we give up and walk away. If it’s your mistake face it like a man, as long as you don’t give up on yourself she won’t on you.
  • Look her in the eye – it’s all about eye contact. When you tell her you’ll miss her, look her in the eye. When you tell her you love her, look her in the eye. Sometimes you won’t even have to say it out loud and she’ll get you.