Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love Was it...?

When I look back I on my younger days I realized there were always girls who we could so easily fall in love (read: infatuated) with. I mean we’d look at some of the girls and we’d just know that that person had to be ours. We’d write love letters, make mixed tapes, poems and send it to them and sooner or later (more often than none) we would end up dating, even if it was only for a week or a month, but there was always someone there as a girlfriend.

And yes sometimes we made complete fools of ourselves in the process, but it really didn’t matter I guess back then. I remember in my senior high in Mount Carmel, I was head over heels for a girl named Toshila (ali) who I was after for 2 damn years but never got lol.  She was and still is one of the most beautiful girl I have ever met, she was cool, she loved Megadeth (that’s 100 point bonus right there), and she was always so nice to talk to.

I remember the first time I saw her was in my first Home Science class (Yes I took Home Science). I felt an explosion in my heart as I saw her walk in, I swear everything was in slow-motion in my eyes, just like in the movies, everyone else blurred out and all I saw clearly was her. Even though I was a metal head, I can assure you the music that was playing on my mind was not that of Megadeth but ‘Bed and Breakfast – If you were mine’.  (Now that’s what you call a love struck MOFO)

So after class I decided I had to talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say. So as I was standing there thinking of what to say, I saw her walking towards the girls hostel. Scared that I might not get to talk to her, I walked up and said “Hi, can I ask you a question? When ma’am said bring chicken tomorrow did she mean a live chicken or a dead one?” she laughed and I felt so stupid, but she very politely explained what had to be brought and what we were going to do in class. I walked away slapping myself thinking “of all the things… I had to ask her that question? Fuck, she probably thinks I’m a retard, fuckin live chicken or a dead one arghhhh….” Then after a few days I found out my best buddy Amit was in love with her too and of all the people he asked me to help him get her! Aaaaaahhh the stories I used to tell him, of how I spoke to her for him and what she said etc. lol fun times.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dating 101

Lately a few fellow bloggers have been blogging about Dating and all the rules that entail this event. I found it rather interesting to hear from a man’s point of view as described by Michael Njldst (Rules of Engagement) and also from the feminine point of view from Giselle Khiangte (Dating Tips for Mizo Guys) So I decided I should write one myself from a more matured point of view (I’d like to believe I've been in the game longerJ) plus I have few points that I’d like to add to their already detailed write up.

  • If it’s a dinner date, dress appropriately! Look presentable, and smell good (so so important). This is not only for yourself but it’s a way of complimenting your date. It makes her feel important when you take time to dress up for the occasion. You may be an emo kid or a rap star for all she cares but if it’s a proper dinner date, look presentable. Trust me she will be impressed.
  • I really don’t care how far she stays, even if you don’t have a car, pick her up! Nothing sounds as cheap for a guy to say as “ok, I see you at the spot”. Remember your first date is not about you it’s about her, so make her feel special and taken care of. When you go to pick her up, don’t just sit in your car when she comes out of the house and blurt out “Hop in”, be a gentleman, get the fuck out, compliment her on how beautiful she looks, open the door for her and let her in.
  • It’s always a good idea to surprise a woman on your first date. How do you do that? Well a little bit of research will do the trick. Ask her friends what her favorite restaurant is, what her favorite food is, find out her favorite movie, book, you name it, find them all out. But when you do strike a conversation with her don’t bring all her favorites out first, give it a surprise entry. You constantly talking about her favorite everything will give you away in no time at all, so plan it well.
  • When she gets in the car she’ll probably ask you, "So, where are we going?" (time to pull out that smirk on your face) tell her “there’s this awesome little restaurant called …….(whatever her favorite restaurant’s name is) I know that serves really good Italian/Korean/ Japanese/ Indian (whatever her favorite is) food, and I think you'll love it”. You have successfully impressed her by 30%! Now it’s time for you to shut up and listen to things you already know like how it’s her favorite restaurant and about her first time there etc. etc.
  • Make sure you have made due reservations, nothing worse than waiting for a table outside all decked up. No, her second favorite restaurant wont do, so make due reservations.
  • At the table be polite, but confident not over confident. At one point or another a conversation about ex’s will come out, be smart and don’t go telling her about how you met and how the bitch fucked your life up with all the dramatic details. Be diplomatic about it, tell her she was a nice girl and that it just didn’t work out. She’ll see from the hurt in your eyes and figure things out for herself. And please don’t go Sherlock on her about her ex either, you’re there together because you’re both looking to move on.
  • Make sure you find a way to make her laugh, nothing breaks the uncomfortable first few minutes of a first date than a good laugh. And please don’t drink like your life depended on it, control your drinks.
  • Pay the Bill. She might want to chip in but you should pay the bill. If you have asked a girl out for a date, pay the bill. Maybe its just me but I think the guy should always pay the bill.
  • After dinner I suggest you take her for ice-cream and a short walk. And if she insists on paying for the ice-cream let her. Trust me, a short walk or stroll after dinner does wonders.
  • Don’t try to be a Romeo on the first date and be too frisky, maintain your composure, distance but most of all show her that you respect her, enjoyed yourself and thank her for the wonderful night, after you've dropped her.
  • Once you've reached home, don’t go texting her straight away. Wait for a while, give her time to recollect the night’s incidents, time to tell her friends about you and the date. And right before you hit the sack, text her saying how you had a wonderful time with her and wish her good night.
  • If she doesn't call you or text you in a weeks time, don't bombard her with texts and calls, move on. Just wank it off shes not interested. 

There you go dating 101. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zakster learn how to fucking write copy

“Zakster what is this crap you just sent me”
Me: It’s the copy for the new ad
“Zakster learn how to fucking write copy”

“Zackster send me the branding options”
Me: Sent
“Zakster: Fuck all branding, give me 10 more”

“Zakster are you done with the copy check”
Me: Yup, went through it twice
“Do I have to go through it?”
Me: Nope
“Zakster I’m going to go through it anyway and for every error I find you owe me a bottle of beer”
Me: Ok cool but you won’t find any!
After 15 minutes
“Zakster you owe me 26 bottles of beer!”

1:30 Am: “Zakster I’m going home, but you have to stay. @#$% (client name) wants a brochure and leaflet for the new product by tomorrow morning. Write the copy and supervise the design and layout. Call me if you need help but don’t expect me to come to office. Handle it!

Me: “Are you serious, I’m just an intern, dude I don’t think I can do it. I've never written a whole brochure before?”
“Zackster listen, it’s now or never, I know you can do it. Like I said call me if you need help”

Do I need to say more? He was my boss! Made me rewrite thousands of headlines, concepts and copy. And made me clock over a million hours of copy check. Yeah, I had the honor of working with a Maverick! The coolest and most enigmatic man I've ever met. Last week, before he passed away we met at a friend’s bachelor’s party and I asked him, dude I just realized over the time we worked together, we had many interns some of whom you placed under me and you always let them go home on time, but you never let me go home on time even as an intern. Why man? “Hahahahaha Zackster it was fun having you around!” 

Even after I left MRM we always kept in touch, he would often come to my place for dinner or lunch and I go to his house for dinner and drinks. We spoke over the phone every once in a while, played Scrabble on facebook (I could never beat him, and we still have a game half played which I guess we’ll never finish), meet up at concerts and have a ball of a time. Pranay was one of, if not the most wonderful person I've ever met.

After a decent string of conversations you’d be forced to think he was a walking encyclopedia. You name a subject from Philosophy,Photography, music, literature, culture to marketing he knew them all, he was the most well read man I’ve ever met. Just don’t get him started on the existence of God, Pink Floyd or which Rock band has the best album cover (Grateful Dead of course) then it becomes an endless affair.

One moment I remember most fondly of him was a time we were discussing about racism at work. I was in one of those full on, in the zone moments, talking about how we as North Eastern's were oppressed and looked down upon, and narrating my experiences etc. etc. and after a while he calmly said “Zakster learn how to be Indian first before you complain, then you’ll understand things better”. I realized then that I’d never really tried to be Indian all my life, all I expected was for other to accept me the way I am, without ever trying to understand their side and culture. And I’m glad to say that I've never felt more Indian since and the angry bitter me has given way to a better understanding calmer me. 

There are not many people I respect and look up to, and Pranay was definitely one of the few. He was a boss, a leader, a confidant and a friend but most of all a brother from another mother (I know clich├ęd but its true). Always ready to go out of his way to help you. I was mad as hell when Titu a colleague called me up saying he has passed away, I was devastated and felt betrayed. I kept cussing away on my way to the hospital, because we had made plans just 2 days before to meet up the following Sunday for dinner and drinks at North East Kitchen Haus Khas. And we spoke about going for a trekking trip, he told me that I was too fat and that he was gonna get me fit by taking me for a trek.

Life is fragile, and we end up losing the people we love most when we least expect it, I didn't see Pranay's  death coming. I wish I did, but that's how life is as hard as it is to accept. And memories no matter how good, they always have such sad endings. After losing 4 of my best and closest friends now, I feel like every relationship should be treated with an unexpected expiry date, that way when they leave us or for that matter when we leave them, it doesn't hurt too much and doesn't come as a surprise. 

I will miss you Pranay! And I promise you I will go for a trek, roll up a J and light up one at the peak for you. You will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Brother!

And let it be known from 30 April 2013 the Nickname Zakster is officially retired!

Here are a few pictures:

 This is Titu, Me and Pranay: The Three Musketeers 

And this would be me Showing off my Salman Khan Ohoh Jaane jaana dance moves

And finally Pranay showing us his moves on the dance floor.

Yeah we know where you're going buddy, we'll miss you!

                                 The large headphones lie on the table. But the music’s changed.

The unwieldy crop of hair. The twinkling, almost mischievous eyes. And the slumbering walk that would turn into a trot with the sound of music. You were a soldier ready to take it on the chin and equally adept at giving it back. You knew how to marshall your troops and you knew how to turn the long nights into the best time to get down to work. Now it’s time to get the angels to sing louder, sing better.RIP
By Rahul Mathur