Friday, August 30, 2013

My Car My Music...

Ever wondered what your favorite place is? I asked a few people and they gave me some pretty vague answers, while there were a few that didn't even have a favorite place some had pretty interesting answers. One person said the toilet, coz that was the only place he found peace and quiet. (I can just imaging him stressed out and sitting on the commode). One person said the balcony of his house and the rest said their bed room. One person said the kitchen, as cooking releases her stress.

Well For me it’s my Car!I drive a not too fancy Ford Fusion which I bought about 4 years ago and I love the engine and power, but a it's a gas guzzler. You would not believe the amount I spend on Gas (Petrol) every month, about 15k yes you read it right 15 thousand Fucking Rupees, that's 300 $ for you Americans. But regardless of this I still Love my Car. 

Since I spend almost close to 4 hours commuting to and from work, my car is my favorite place in the whole wide world. *Bragging Alert: Which is why I spent a lot of money on my music system in my car so far it’s come close to 60k. I know a lot of people spend more than I do, but this is all I can afford to right now. All in all there's a total of 9 speakers in my car :-)

Why you ask? Well its because I love my music and its the only place where I can Max out to Pantera, Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold etc. or maybe Backstreet boys and the likes of them, who
I admit I do listen to all of them. Yes from the likes of the bands mentioned above to Jackson Browne, The Coors, 2 Pac, Danger Danger, Rick Price I could go on forever.

Now think of this this way if a grown ass man like me gets in the zone (Lungleng) and you start blasting Rick Prices' "Heaven Knows" or "Too Serious too Soon" by Gareth Gates, and you're singing your heart out holding a torch light as a makeshift microphone, your folks are probably gonna question your mental health. Then again if you start blasting "I'm Broken" by Pantera or "Last Resort" by Papa Roach they start labeling you as a rebel. And they start yelling turn than damn volume down! 

Which is why I spent so much on my car stereo just so I get to listen to the rock/metal songs I want as loud as I want to, or sing along to my KC&JOJO, Backstreet Boys track without embarrassing myself . And screw you I know you all secretly know their songs too!

So here's the hardware setup:

For my stereo I bought a humble JVC KW-R600BT Series, it was the cheapest of the 2 din lot so I just got it, No questions asked. 

For my front door speakers I had bought pioneers speakers with tweeters (non component) and was not satisfied with it so I switched it to a more powerful JBL GTO609C Series. And these fuckers are loud as hell :-)

For my rear door speakers I had Sony and wasn't satisfied with it either, so I switched that it again to JBL GTO 949 400 watt and a modest JBL GT6-s266 220 watt Speakers on the back tray.

Rear Door Speakers

Rear Tray Speakers

Nothing kicks ass more that Kicker so for my woofers I decided to get the Kicker PT8 Active Subwoofer 8".  These may look small but they pump the bass up to unprecedented levels. Once I bent over and sat on my Kicker Woofer and played "Down with the sickness" By Disturbed and it actually felt like someone was kicking my ass. If i had sat through the song I'd have surely had a sore ass!

Now nothing would be complete without an amplifier to bring all these bad boys together. So since I was really broke by the time I had to buy an Amplifier, I chose the 4 Channel Kenwood KAC-7005PS. And boy am I Pleased with this beauty, my only complain is that it really only starts kicking in when the volume is above 9.

And finally for the finishing touch i bought the JVC Bluetooth Adapter just to make life easier.

(And that is how my car looks like. iPhone 5 camera sucks monkey balls in low light.)

Now you pump the volume up to 25 and listen to Pantera your balls start bouncing to the beat of the drums. One time I played a song so loud the girl sitting next to me's bra strap ripped open (true story). She was like Damn your car is loud, I pulled a smirk and said that how I roll babe! and woke up!

And what really annoys me is when people insist in playing their songs in my car! Damnit its my Car My Music My Rules. If you request to play your music in my car you are automatically blacklisted and branded a communist! that's it Period!

Anyway I had nothing better today that why this post came up! Have a great day
P.s. +Mami Pautu is a Communist

Well after a heavy night of drinking, I woke up early and hungover and bored as hell as everyone else were still sleeping so, I decided to go out and upgrade my car speakers yet again, :-)

I ditched my old JBL tray speakers and installed the Rockfort Fosgate 300 watt Speakers on the tray and also added 2 more tweeters on the door panel. Now that's a whooping 11 speakers in my car. I Challenge anyone who can get a louder sound than me!

Monday, August 12, 2013

iPhone 5 Review from a Newbie

Well it’s been about a month since I got my iPhone5! What do ya know a BB boy switches to an iphone5.
For about a good 2 months I did my research, got a few advices from friends all fanboys id say, HTC One is the shizzz, Nokia Lumia is the best, an iphone is an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 4 is the mother of all Smartphones…bla bla bla. But somehow my mind was on the Blackberry Z10, I did all kinds of research on it, compared it to the iPhone 5 and S4 and came very close in features and even exceeded others in specs and power. I knew it in my heart that it was the one for me or maybe an extension of me.

So instead of me having to buy it and if you have been following my blogs I have a very wonderful aunt who would do anything for me, so my aunt decided she would buy me one. So she calls me up at about 7 in the pm while I was still at work and I tell her I want the Blackberry Z10 and nothing else, I had even updated my Facebook status with a “Z10 it is”. After a about 20 minutes she calls me back saying  the sales man doesn’t want to sell her the Blackberry Z10 and that she got me the iPhone5 instead! I was like What the Fudge! How can the fuckin salesman refuse to sell a product to someone who wants to buy it!

Anyhow I went home half excited had to get my sim cut to yet another apple fiasco nano size. Activating it took a while, the only positive about my iPhone5 so far for me was that I could talk to my sister in US and all my other siblings for free over text and face time. Here’s why I don’t think too highly of the phone. Well it’s because I have an iPod touch and as useless as I think it is I didn’t see much of a difference between besides the fact that it was faster and the camera was better.

Now here’s what I think of the iPhone5
  1. sucks monkey balls without internet or 3G (I use Aircel so there u go I have 2G and my iPhone5 sucks monkey balls)
  2. You can’t customize your ringtone to your fav MP3. They told me you had to down load an app to do that so I did and still haven’t figured how to make my Papa Roach song my ring tone.
  3. Almost all iPhone users use the default right tone and it’s so annoying when one phone rings and everyone takes out their phone to check if it’s theirs. But there’s hope if you’re not satisfied with the 20 odd default ringtones offered by default YOU CAN ALWAYS BUY THEM FROM THE ITUNES STORE! WOW
  4. And apparently the first thing I want to do was text my sister in the US saying I got a new iPhone5, so I texted her saying “guess what I got an iPhone5 …” (yes there was no smiley by default in iPhone5) so I had to go cave man shit and do the :-) . So I asked around and yet again I had to download an app for smileys
  5. What fucked my fuse was when I realized you can’t send songs on whatsapp to your friends! It’s locked.
  6. They said the keypad was the smartest on the market and boy are they wrong; the auto correct is as dumb as a 2 headed blonde's maybe 3. I had fight with my buddy and I was so mad I wanted to type fuck you and mr. auto correct corrected it to Duck you!  
  7. Bottom line - You need constant internet and you need to download an app for everything to enjoy your iPhone5.
  8. What’s good about the phone is the touch and retina display. So far nothing seems to even come close to it.
  9. Siri is always fun to hang with and ask dumb questions to. The other day I asked her Siri would you kiss me? She answered why would I want to do that? I asked again and she replied I’d rather not say.
  10. Tons of apps to download and battery gives me about 10 hours on full charge.
  11.  It can’t really multitask like the Blackberry Z10 or the Galaxy S4 but it can manage.
  12. The camera is awesome both front and back but falls behind in low light conditions I don’t think anyone can beat the Nokia Lumia phone cameras. iPhone5’s pictures in low light tend to get grainy with a lot of noise.
  13.   Apple really needs to change the UI, it’s getting boring oh so boring! I checked out leaked pictures of the IOS7 and it looks colorful but nothing new again.
I don't see anything that will entice me to switch from my iPhone 5 to the ohhh soooo wonderful iPhone 5 S. If you do bravo you are truly one of a kind.

In the end of it all I’m still a blackberry boy at heart I miss the keypad mostly, the BB hub and the red blinking light when you get messages or mails. All in all I think the iPhone5 is a solid phone feels heavy, looks great and feel like a genuine premium product. But unless they come up with a cheaper version of it soon and with apple stocks going down they might not be able to maintain the high and mighty status they currently enjoy.

In all honesty it's an awesome phone but i just don't know what to do with it yet. I’m still learning and beginning to understand my phone, I don’t love it yet but I like it for now and hopefully I’ll learn to love it. But I will always miss my blackberry!

And here are a few pics taken from my iPhone 5.