Saturday, March 30, 2013

Want a Girlfriend? A job? Lots of female friends? Here's how.

Hi, I don’t mean to impose but you smell really good, what’s the name of the perfume you’re wearing?

Listen to my advice and these lines could very well fall on your ears too. I have noticed many men are not very particular about what they smell like. Sure a nice roll on or a deo might do the trick but, real men (read Gentlemen) need to go beyond that and put on some perfume. Besides the psychological effects of perfume, wearing perfume shows 2 things about you: 1. It shows you have class 2. It shows you’re serious about personal hygiene.

Now I’m not saying Deodorants are bad, but I suggest you use these only when you’re out playing or for the gym. For the serious parts of life you need perfume! Like for work, college or for dates and other ceremonious occasions perfume is a must (Especially dates). Imagine your to going out on a date with a hot girl, you take a nice long shower, shave and put on some aftershave, brush your teeth, style your hair, apply some body cream, pick out the nicely ironed shirt, wear your pants and shoes, then finally finish it off with a wild spray of deodorant? No, you finish it off with perfume, behind the ears, on the wrist and 2 sprays on the shirt. 

Women love men who smell good. You may not be all that handsome or whatever it doesn’t matter, women are psychologically attracted to men who smell good. They want to be near them, sit with them coz the fragrance makes them happy (Scientifically proven fact). And especially if you have a signature fragrance, that fragrance becomes a trigger of your memory and no matter where they are, every time they get a whiff of that perfume they will be reminded of you. I’ve had girls call me up all the way from down south, up north, east even beyond international borders saying how at a party someone was wearing the perfume I used to wear and it reminded them of me and go on to say how much they miss me J. You will also get the occasional “ka kor ah I perfume rim ala nam reng” call. The possibilities are endless trust me. 

I think every man should have at least 3 perfumes: 1. Summer wear 2. Winter wear and 3. Date wear.
For summer the perfume needs to be fresh and light. I recommend the 212, Azzaro Chrome, Loewe Solo, Bvlgari Aqva, Pierre Cardin and maybe Cool Water you can also check out Kenzo Pour Homme.  Winter perfumes can be warmer and muskier. And for these I recommend 212 VIP, Paco Robanne One Million, Dolce & Gabbana The One (the original The One not the new one), Thierry Mugler A*Men, Carolina Herrera CH, Glivenchy Gentleman and if you’re short on cash Aigner Black. Now for the Date wear you have to make it extra special, like Carolina Herrera for this like 212 sexy for men and CH, but for the very special date I go with Narciso Rodriguez for him. If you have some serious cash to spill you can go for Thierry Mugler A*Men pure malt.

But always remember what smells good on someone might not smell as well on you so always try out perfumes personally before you buy them. I usually go to shops and try a few ones every now and then, see how my skin reacts to the perfume and how long it lasts on me then later go online and buy it.
Above all this it’s important you remember that if you smell good you will feel good, it will also give you confidence, make you feel fresh and likeable. I have never met a person that smells good that I don’t feel like talking to. If you smell good you have my attention and I think that applies to everyone. The power of perfumes and smelling good is in that fact that in Europe and America you cannot wear perfumes to a job interview, because it’s been said that the smell can induce the mind to like the candidate giving an unfair advantage. But since we don’t have that rule in India, spray away and congratulations on the new job. 

Here are a few of my babies. Of all these the most precious is the small bottle on the extreme right. This bad boy is pure perfume oil all the way from Egypt, a gift from my BFF Christina Colney (a humming bird told me shes giving me one more perfume as a birthday gift). 
Front Row: Cool Water, For Him, CH, The One, Pierre Cardin, Aigner Black, Perfume Oil.
Back Row: 212 VIP, 212

For women, so far I think I'm in love with 4 perfumes, Narciso Rodriguez for her, Carolina Herrera CH, Chanel Chance and my personal Fav again thanks to Christina 212 Sexy for women. I remember the first time she wore it, we went to a party together and I didn't even dance I just sat next to her, coz she smelled soo damn good. That's how powerful perfumes can be, the smell tamed a party animal like me. 


Charice_mizo said...

I think this applies for women too. Btw i'm 23 and i've never gone on a date. You seem to be pretty busy dating girls lol. Anyway, what a thoughtful gentlemanly post :) cheers!

Mimihrahsel said...

a van thur em!!! :P

You have a really big collection of perfumes, I'm the kind of person who sticks to one, you know, so that when someone smells that same fragrance , they'll remember me :) Paco rabbanne - Lady million, my brand right now. But recently fell in love with Bvlgari - Omnia crystalline, I just might buy it, for my Day wear :) Ka duh aiin ka comment thui, a van thur tih chauh comment ka tum a. lol.

zakk sangkima said...

@Charice_mizo: Yes it does apply to women too i guess, nothing like a woman that smells divine :-) and no I've not been busy dating, in fact I haven't been on a date since 2010 lol.

@Mimi: Thur i ti leh si lo anih kha hahahahaha. Lady Million chu a rimtui alom, I gave it to one of my ex back in the day, she says she still has it :-). hets ka duh ai in ka reply thui, i comment hi ava thur em tih chauh ka tum a ;p