Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Awesome ads

Advertising is a shady business to be in, we’re hated as much as we are loved. 
We make you buy things you don’t need, make you watch things you don’t need to see, we change your perception of beauty, and tell you you’re not good enough without you even knowing it. But we have also stopped wars, raised awareness about so many things you would have never known about, made you laugh and cry with joy.
Most times we over do it, but when we do get it right we leave you speechless. 
On that note, here are a few Advertisements that I feel are awesomely creative. The list is not in terms of ranking or creativity but just some random ads that just popped up in my head today.

1.       Axe – Susan Glenn

Most people didn’t get this Ad when it came out but for me this is the best Axe ad ever. For a long time I’ve been bitching about how deo ads look all the same, it’s always about an underdog spraying some cheap ass deo and all the girls run after him. WTF!!. I know sex sells but dammit. Then this little ad came along and brought a smile to my face.

 2.       Perrier – It’s Perfect, it’s Perrier and Morning in America

If you know anything about copywriting than these 2 ads are examples of perfection. A typical Hal Riney Ad.

3.    Procter & Gamble – Best Job

Procter & Gamble pulled a fast one on all of us with this one. The ad starts and you instantly know this is going to be one of those clichéd emotional ads that come up every once in a while. You have so many things you want to say is wrong with the ad but in the end, you’re like awwwww… I Miss my Mommy!

4.    Dixons - The Last Place you want to go
Reading this print ad still brings a smile to my face. this is just 1 of a series of 3 similar print ads judge for yourself.

5.    Dove - Dove is all you need to know about skin care
My Guru, the father of long copy - Neil French
And to think it took two years for the company to approve and release this. Just goes to show that companies don't always know whats best for them. (click on picture to enlarge)

6.    The Guardian - Three little pigs

This one caught me by surprise. Maybe one of the best ads to come out in 2012.

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