Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Delailah

I’ve heard your name a thousand times before
stories of your deception in ancient folklore
Never did I imagine you haunting me
Oh Delilah the life of Samson in me I see

For gold and silver did you trade your heart
Looking back I should have seen your intentions from the start
But my eyes went blind from your charming ways and fragrance
now a helpless victim of my own ignorance

Now they say you’ve mended your ways and found Jesus
A new found happiness and chants of prayers for all of us
But what becomes of us, that you have broken and shattered?
Is your remorse enough to mend what you have battered?

Oh Delilah of the ancient and the present
Never has your stories felt so real and indecent
Many a men have u deceived over time
How many locks will you cut, before you finally draw the line?