Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love Was it...?

When I look back I on my younger days I realized there were always girls who we could so easily fall in love (read: infatuated) with. I mean we’d look at some of the girls and we’d just know that that person had to be ours. We’d write love letters, make mixed tapes, poems and send it to them and sooner or later (more often than none) we would end up dating, even if it was only for a week or a month, but there was always someone there as a girlfriend.

And yes sometimes we made complete fools of ourselves in the process, but it really didn’t matter I guess back then. I remember in my senior high in Mount Carmel, I was head over heels for a girl named Toshila (ali) who I was after for 2 damn years but never got lol.  She was and still is one of the most beautiful girl I have ever met, she was cool, she loved Megadeth (that’s 100 point bonus right there), and she was always so nice to talk to.

I remember the first time I saw her was in my first Home Science class (Yes I took Home Science). I felt an explosion in my heart as I saw her walk in, I swear everything was in slow-motion in my eyes, just like in the movies, everyone else blurred out and all I saw clearly was her. Even though I was a metal head, I can assure you the music that was playing on my mind was not that of Megadeth but ‘Bed and Breakfast – If you were mine’.  (Now that’s what you call a love struck MOFO)

So after class I decided I had to talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say. So as I was standing there thinking of what to say, I saw her walking towards the girls hostel. Scared that I might not get to talk to her, I walked up and said “Hi, can I ask you a question? When ma’am said bring chicken tomorrow did she mean a live chicken or a dead one?” she laughed and I felt so stupid, but she very politely explained what had to be brought and what we were going to do in class. I walked away slapping myself thinking “of all the things… I had to ask her that question? Fuck, she probably thinks I’m a retard, fuckin live chicken or a dead one arghhhh….” Then after a few days I found out my best buddy Amit was in love with her too and of all the people he asked me to help him get her! Aaaaaahhh the stories I used to tell him, of how I spoke to her for him and what she said etc. lol fun times.


Anonymous said...

Really like the live chicken or the dead chicken part..what else to say/ask to a girl you like for the first time? That according to me was the right question to ask..
Really like reading your post especially this one, because its very honest and brave even though it doesn't turn out the way I hope..

Mimihrahsel said...

LOL. a van thur em! :D

I used to have this high school crush, he was 4 years senior, "If you were mine" was the song for him. I'll never forget the lyrics to this song. lol. I can picture your story as one of the Korean movies :D

zakk sangkima said...

@ijassdie: hahaha thanks mate, thate made me feel much better.

@Mimihrahsel: Ava thur em i emotional lutuk hi chu lyrics te lo byheart vel lol. i story hi a Korean fee zok :p