Friday, June 14, 2013

Needle in my Ass!

For guys in their early 30’s there’s a lot of questions in their minds they need answers to, or need to figure out, like – am I in the right direction in terms of career? Am I earning enough? Is my lifestyle healthy? Do I need to start investing? Am I saving enough? Etc. but the most irritating question we have to deal with, which we don’t ask ourselves (at least I don’t) is one that is most personal, but everyone seems to have an opinion or a say in it, is -When are you getting married?

For the past few days I've been comparing the 2 lives: a single life and a married life. Just to see the differences between the two and if I would be willing to make the sacrifices that comes with getting married. The way this goes is I look at my life and the lives of some of my married friends and see the difference.

Now I’m as single as they come, no emotional attachment to anyone whatsoever. I have a decent income, a little on the fluffy side when it comes to physical stature but never the less a very happy man. I basically do whatever I want, when I want and have lived most of my life that way and I like it just the way it is. Now why would I ever want to give this up?

The Sacrifice:
A married life mean no more FIFA nights with the boys. No more crashing random parties. It means I can’t randomly call up females in the middle of the night when I’m in the zone. No more partying till 6 or 7 in the morning. No more crashing at a friend’s place whenever. No more sleeping till 3 in the afternoon on a weekend and definitely no staying up till 3 or 4 am watching tv. It means I won’t be able to jam in my room to my favorite Megadeth tracks with my guitar amps pumped to a max. No more Smoking in the bedroom (maybe living room who knows). What if I had to do household chores for sex? Picture me washing clothes, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor? What nightmare, what disaster befalls a married man!

I’m sure that under the right circumstances and for the right person I may be willing to give these up, but these right circumstances come far and few in between.

What if you get married to the wrong person? It means you’re stuck to a life of compromises after another. I don’t want to wake up every day and look at my wife and think to myself ‘what a bitch!’. And they say you can learn to love someone! For me that’s just ridiculous, it’s like a needle stuck in your ass and the doctor says you’ll learn to live with it, I don’t want to live with a pain in my ass. Similarly why would I ever want to learn to love my wife? I would rather love the person first before she becomes my wife.

Anyway what I’m really trying to say is that yes I do understand that time is not on our side, we age, we sag, we wrinkle, get white hair and as fate would have it, it becomes easier to get a new job than it is to have a girlfriend. But, until and unless someone has found the right person to spend the rest of his life with, why pressure him/ her?

And maybe in the time to come, I will get tired of this lifestyle, this freedom and long to be tied down like an old faithful pet, but until then if you have a problem with my awesome single life...

Leave Me Alone!


$angi said...

U r funny ! Take your time btw thiannu fel deuh ka nei ania ;)

Anonymous said...

Married and bored single and loneliness ain't no happiness nowhere ..

Sooo Pink !! said...

yur blog is such a good timepass ... always entertains me and am soo with you on this .. i love being single and un married for the moment i dont know about the future..

zakk sangkima said...

@Sangi: I thrian nu chu? ahem lol
@Ijassdie: Single is not loneliness its bliss :-)
@Sooo Pink!!: Ve a che, Ur Not single!

Ruchika said...

So I was reading the first paragraph and going "Yeah.. True.. That makes sense.. Oh the questions.." and then you said Marriage. And I burst out laughing. It was epic, just too funny. Loved the post, and yes, wait for her ;)

zakk sangkima said...

@Ruchika: Thanks :-) . I hope I find her too, but not anytime soon! lol

Puii Huber said...

Lol...too funny!