Saturday, December 6, 2008

Change...Yes we can, or can we?

I went to Aizawl on the 15th of November for the elections and came back to Delhi on the 3 of December. Though I'm 26 this was my first election so i was pretty excited about the whole thing. Anyways, I've always seen the resemblance between America and Mizoram(though based on pure speculation).

1. Total prohibition in US from 1920 to 1933 = Prohibition in Mizoram still effective.
2. Increase in the flow of Drugs and Illegal Alcohol = Same in Mizoram
3. 10 years by Clinton and 10 by Bush = 12 years by congress and 10 years by MNF
4. Economic depression in 2008 = Chiahpuam Controversy in Mizoram 2008
5. Presidential Elections saw the first black president take office = Mizoram saw the oldest CM candidate. Both(Obama and Brig.T.Sailo)candidates hungry for Change and elimination of corruption.
the list goes the point is that i got to thinking if Obama is elected President then i have a good feeling Brig.T.Sailo would win here too. Could he be the Mizo Obama we desperately need?

Going back to the point, this being my first elections i was surprised to what length people would go to get votes, and was disgusted with the filth involved in politics. I thought the youth could make a difference...but what i saw and experienced made me think twice. so "Change...yes we can" or rather can we? are we educated enough to know the value of our votes? what i saw was depressing,young people who didn't want to vote till somebody bought them for money or alcohol. i saw politicians giving proxivon to addicts and money to the people for votes some distributing cellphones. so i got to thinking...maybe we're not ready for the Change we desperately need. How can we, when we're not even ready to sacrifice for the greater good.
From the results of this elections i will either be proud to call myself a Mizo or be forever be ashamed of being a Mizo.


illusionaire said...


I take it that you're not too happy with yesterday's result.


Carey Suante said...
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Carey Suante said...

Sorry about the first comment ...not to my liking!


I was thinking a long the lines of...."Change....Yes we can, AND...... we did!"

mesjay said...

Mizoram could have changed for the better if the people wanted it. But they don't. The MNF govt. could have brought a new dawn to Mizoram had they wanted it. But they don't. They did exactly what the Congress before them did, ate up all the money meant for development. I dread to think of our future.