Monday, September 19, 2011

Who Am I?

Who am I?
• I’m the guy who’s going to tell you how wonderful and beautiful you are every morning and night (and maybe a few hundred times in between).
• I’m the guy who’s going to hold your hand and never let you go.
• I’m the guy who’s going to watch soppy and dramatic tv serials with you(if you promise to watch and support Chelsea).
• I’m the guy who sees thru your eyes and see the sadness and hug you and tell you everything’s gonna be ok.
• I’m the guy who’s gonna make sure there isn’t a single lizard in our house (we might have to discuss the cat situation tho).
• I’m the guy who you’re gonna sing with everyday you play the piano and I’ll play the guitar(we can even write songs together)
• I’m the guy who’s gonna fight and argue with you just because I like to pamper you to make up for the fight.
• I’m the guy who’s gonna make sure we visit every country in Africa, Europe, Asia and America (one of my dreams is to travel the world, and it would be so much better with you)
• I’m the guy who’s gonna say ‘babe you already have way too many perfumes and shoes’ but buy you 1 anyway, just coz I like to see your eyes open up and glitter when you see them.
• I’m the guy who’s gonna stare at sexy women as they pass us bye in the mall, not coz I like em but because I feel sorry for them (they simply do not compare to you).
• I’m the guy who you can read and study the bible with every day (it builds relationship).
• I’m the guy who’s going to love and respect your family.
• But most of all I’m the guy who’s always gonna be there for you and love you regardless…
I want to love you forever, and maybe that’s not long enough but I always like to aim low, so we can start with forever and see how we go once we reach our destination.


Puii-Mac Lover said...

Who are you writing this love letter to? Are you
"In Love"..again?! LOL!!
Love you brother! :)

Muana said...

you're a kinda guy if i were a she :)like it

Anonymous said...

points 1 to 13 - check ;) nice post, as usual. lucky girl.