Friday, November 30, 2012

The Look - With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.

In the arms of a woman and a woman alone do we find strength, contentment and empowerment!
There’s nothing more empowering than to have a woman lying in your arms looking up to you with her eyes so full of love. That look, if you've ever had it, you will know what I'm talking about. That look so pure in emotion, makes you think twice about a lot of things. 

Many make the best of it and move up in life to become great husbands and successful men. But others succumb to The Look and end up breaking hearts after hearts and in time their own. When a woman gives you the look, you should know she’s ready for the next stage and that’s to get married, have kids, build a home, grow old with you, be with you till death do you part.

Women talk a lot! Even when they’re not talking they’re constantly, silently talking to you. Sometimes it’s irritating, sometimes funny and sometimes romantic. (Dare you ignore the signs!) And one of the most powerful and potentially life changing communication, is one that does not involve a word, not a syllable, no hand gesture but a look-The Look!  

The Look: When a woman looks at you her head resting on your arms, a look of contentment. She knows how vulnerable, fragile she is at that very moment. Her fragile heart in your hands, her entire life to spend with you. You could break it and make her life from then on a recurring nightmare or you could treasure it. She has asked analysed the scenarios, the pros and cons in her head a million times. She knows about your lousy excuses and the lies you so often meticulously plan just to hang out with your buddies, or to escape shopping with her. She knows about the dubious names that makes no sense on your contact list. She knows about your secret stash of magazines and CD’s (maybe vintage VHS) or that tola of weed/hashish you've been saving for a rainy day-she just chose to ignore it!

With that look she has stopped judging you, your flaws, your short comings, your past and the mistakes you made and will so often continue to make, are all but a thing of the past. With that look she tells you everything you're not is what makes you special to her and her alone. With that look she assures you that she has your back no matter what. With that look she accepts you as her man, protector, provider, her pillar of strength.  

That look can make you feel like a man, work harder, be stronger, achieve great things or leave you grasping for a walking stick to support your spineless ass. You can choose to look back with your own re assuring eyes, silently telling her “You’re safe with me, I won’t let you go” or you could choose to do otherwise. With great power comes great responsibility. Embrace The Look.

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Anonymous said...

How lucky, your woman! Great post, as usual