Monday, March 16, 2015


She never thought ‘29’ a number so random would bother her so much as she woke up that morning or did she sleep at all. Several intervals of her morning that day was spent in front of the mirror Sherlock Holmes’ing for signs on 29, I think she might have Googled life expectancy and came to no conclusion as to why it bothered her so much. She did her math wondered if what she was feeling was a Mid Life crisis but the numbers proved she was a year or two behind, feeling a little better she thought maybe it’s a quarter Life crisis, but she was 4 or 5 years too late. "Fuck 29" she thought to herself, the world would be a better place without 29, who needs 29? Things would be so much simpler if the counting system went “26,27,28,30…” she didn't like the prospect of 30 after 29 either, but she hated 29 more and the more she thought, the more they looked like evil siblings determined to destroy her youth. Maybe it should just stop at 28…and numbers after that should cease to exist.

Nature seemed to agree with her anger and disgust for 29, as it responded with thunder and rain. She peaked out the window and looked at the gloomy, dark sly. There was nothing happy about this day, nor this number, and everything around her seemed to agree. It didn't help that exactly 29 people called her that morning.
She googled 'facts about 29', as she lit her 29th cigarette of the morning, as she read the first fact, she stubbed her cigarette and closed the page - 29 is the Atomic number of Copper. 

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