Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Big 'O' in India - Part 1

You vile, dirty minded beast, if you're reading this post just because of the title, you should be ashamed of yourself. I cant even imagine what you must have googled to get here, but now that you're here let me welcome you to my blog. Stay a while read along and you might just find something you like :-) (that's a smiley if you didn't know)
Anyway, getting back to the big O, I have often wondered why every other car branding in India ends with an 'O' eg. Xylo, Alto, Bolero, Scorpio, Aveo, Figo, Vento, Punto, Brio, Santro, Eeco, Estilo, Rio, Nano, Sumo, Montero, and the list goes on. I would not be surprised if the next MUV is named 'Homo', Why you ask? Well because its a sedan that looks like an SUV and it can take in a lot of luggage from the back (sick joke I know and I apologize).
But seriously, Is this where our creativity begins and ends, why the O? Did somebody do a research on it or maybe they all went to the same pandit/guru to name their car (which reminds me the Glycodin Tvc), I don't know, and the best part is I don't even know why it bothers me so much. Maybe its because I've owned a Santro and now a Figo and would like to buy a Polo some time in the near future. Now if you put all the names together they would sound like names of siblings.
Now I'm not saying it's bad, all I'm saying is can we have a little variety?


John Ruolngul said...

in the first place, i have no idea why you should call me a vile, dirty minded beast for stumbling into your world :) but thanks for enlightening us to what the Big 'O' means. I have always wondered....
nice blog you have here. will certainly return for some more.

zakk_kima said...

hahahaha welcome John, I'm glad you like my blog, and please come back. Now what exactly did you google to get here? ;-p

Anonymous said...

i got here through misual.com. seriously.
just to let you know i'm linking you to my blog. hope you don't mind :)