Friday, February 24, 2012

I Cheated...My Confession!

I first saw her at my cousin Zorams place about 5 years ago and I must say it was love at first sight. My cousin introduced us, Zakk meet “Jamie, shes from Ireland", I stood there like a fool, speechless, she had me at hello! I sat down a little shy and watched her and her friends sitting on the table (they all looked gorgeous, wearing nothing but skimpy labels, covering just enough to drive you crazy).

I thought to myself 'I must look like a fool to them, sitting here all nervous and shy, I've got to do something', so I stood up went to the table and held her in my hands, looked at her and said you're the one for me and made a large peg, on the rocks! Yes I'm talking about Jameson Irish whiskey we call her Jamie :-). From that day on I knew that I would never love another for as long as I lived. We spent the whole evening together, laughing and flirting and then I took her home, she tasted like nothing I've ever had before, she was sexy, smooth and simple but yet so complicated. I was in love...until I cheated on her yesterday.

The thing about men and relationships is that when given the chance under the right circumstances we would cheat, and jump on the opportunity like a frog in distress. Yes I said it, sue me! I love Jamie, no doubt about it, but when you've been with someone for so long, you tend to take them for granted, and with the Rs. 1600 I spend on her every week, plus the never ending Student Loan, car loan, credit card payment, there was a recession in my wallet. Plus when you have friends that keep saying “have you tried her?, shes cheap, but she tastes divine” it starts to get to you (I have bad friends).

Anyway, so there I was in the liquor store yesterday as usual to get Jamie after work, I walked in, saw Jamie there on the 3rd shelf (she still looked gorgeous) and something happened to me I cant explain, I walked passed her aisle and went straight to the next one eyes half closed. I walked up and down wondering what the hell was wrong with me? It was then that my eyes fell on Glen, her worst enemy (Glen Drummond). Now Glen is from Scotland and shes single(malt) and hot as hell, looked as beautiful as she did the last time I met her, (we used to have a thing back in the day till she disappeared). Glen was seriously flirting with me again! I was confused, what do I do? I missed her, but I love Jamie. And then somehow some random guy came in and blocked my view of Jamie, so I picked Glen up, and we quickly walked towards my car, hoping no one had seen us. I sat her on the front seat and took her home. As we sat together, old feelings started to come back and trust me when I say it was a magical night.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. I woke up today realizing that I had cheated on someone I promised to love forever, would she ever forgive me? I thought to myself. I was disgusted, and felt like a low down, classless, cross border cheating punk that needed to be kicked in the balls! (wait maybe not the balls, a little to the left) rephrase “I felt like a low down classless cross border cheating punk that needed to be kicked in the thigh”. But will she ever forgive me, will we ever be able to go back to how it was before I met Glen? Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

lol. you cheater you :) there's definitely something about the irish, but the scots, especially the single ones, are hard to beat. but, after quite a few years having enjoyed the irish, the scots and few forgettable others, i now rate the japanese up there. i still have a 'yamazaki' safely cocooned in her chamber just waiting for the right moment to give me company :)

zakk_kima said...

Ahhh...another player. looks like you've been in the game for a while, you player you ;-p lol. I would agree with your point there, they say the Japanese do make the best partners and they taste divine.

diary said... write soooo well!

zakk_kima said...

@diary, thank you for the compliment and visiting.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Post :)
I would like to dance with the ladies hihihi :)

mary singson said...