Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Hopeful Wish List of a 30 Year Old Boy.

I’m writing this at the risk of sounding cheap, but aren’t we all cheap in one way or another lol. Well the thing is I’m severely running short of funds this month (actually always lol) and there are so many things I want to buy so I thought, that ummmm….I should make a wish list. Knowing that there so many millionaires, billionaires and genuinely selfless giving people out there in the world, (and not to forget kind awesome friends and family) I’m hoping that they would stumble on my list and ;-) …gift me a few.

It’s no secret that I have a very serious fetish for shoes (sneakers) and perfumes, and I probably own more shoes and perfumes than a normal man should, but in my defense…well I don’t even have a genuine defense I just want more lol. Some people collect watches, some caps, some collect coins, some stamps, some underwear, I collect shoes and perfumes (as much as I can afford to collect). Now getting back to my wish list, these are a few things I’d like to have in the next 2 months, so thanks in advance and looking forward to your generous contribution to my wish list. J


1.        Narciso Rodriguez : For Him

This perfume is a musk have for men, dark, musky, seductive and strong but very attractive. It doesn’t overdo anything and I call it pure masculinity. It’s sophisticatedly very raw, intricate but yet simple. If I had to make an ad for this it would be like most AXE ads. Women will literally stop whatever they’re doing and follow you. They will literally tear off their clothes just to be with you (Trust me on this one, I’ve experienced it first hand). Wear this to a party and I guarantee you will not go home alone! Considering that fact that I'm single I absolutely need this.

2.       Dolce & Gabbana : The One

This is for my Church, lunch, brunch etc. date use. Absolutely fabulous, light and very attractive. Pure sophistication! I’ve seen women’s eyes melt at a whiff of this. It’s not for teenagers and early 20’s (these can choose Paco Rabanne One Million or 212 VIP) D&G The One is for people like me late 20’s, early 30’s and has that ‘I have arrived’ smell, and considering I just turned 30 I absolutely need this. It’s got a playful not too serious aroma that also hints that I can be serious if you’re worth it, which is kinda where I’m at right now.
{A notable mention: Perfumes must haves for men Aigner Black: I’ve literally been stopped and asked the name of the perfume I was wearing. Most complimented by women and men alike. Not very expensive and but pure class. For everyday use, but doesn’t last too long, roughly 6 hours.}


Ahhh where do I begin and where do I end…if I were a millionaire my house and furniture’s and everything would be built of shoes. And frankly can you ever have enough shoes? Except smart shoes…who needs more than 1 of those communist fashion wear. I have one smart shoe and I wear it every day to work, and screw you Christina (babe) and Pooja they don’t look like grandfather shoes. Anyway here is my wish list for shoes.

Vans Wylle: I was born to wear this :-)

There are more on the list of shoes, but as of now these 3 would do. besides I don't want to be too greedy.

Single Malt

I've had my share of fine malts, but this bottle I've chosen is one I'd kill to have a taste off. Disclaimer: Dont go by the name, It doesn't grow an inch where you might be expecting. Its called Inchgrower, very rare, the reason why this is so sought after is because only a small percentage is sold as single malt the rest are used for blended scotch. Very hard to find, but undoubtedly one of the best malts available. 
But in case you don't find this you can still get me a bottle of Laphroaig 18 years. and for all you cheap bastard who cant afford Laphroaig you can get me Jamie (read Jameson Irish Whiskey).


And of course I wish for world peace, and that american beauty pageants and Congress get smarter, and I wish global warming would stop, and that tigers and lions would stop hunting and eating those poor innocent deers and last but not least I wish pigs could fly. (just make sure you don't mix up these wishes with the ones above)

So thank you in advance to all you good Samaritans out there who are about to make the wishes of a poor 30 year old man oops correction BOY come true. Well damnit if you're not donating anything, maybe you can write to my boss and convince her to give me a VERY significant increment lol J Drop in a mail and I'll send you her number and email. 
Anyway for all you cheap bastards who are not going to even do least do your part and wish for world peace, recycle and save the environment. 
Have a great day! 


COCAINE said...

talk about perfumes and shoes ....u know what they say if u like style u shhould be stylish everyday jaajajja dats what shoes and peerfumes are for ... look good and smell good ... so please throw out that granpa shoes and buy some sexy formal shoes for a channge ... and screw ya wish list am still waiting for my mango bag, my lolita lempicka and those hot denim shorts for u to buy me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey blooger!

I really really loved reading this post of yours! Besides the pretty wish list, I was absolutely hooked by your only-too-comfy writing! I can't gift you any of those things you would clearly love to have, not being of means myself, but I do hope that all my excitement on reading such a peppy post is worthwhile... and I know someone who'll like it...will tell them. Keep writing!