Friday, June 8, 2012

The Long and Winding Road to Victory - Chelsea FC.

I had written a really nice piece on why I love Chelsea Fc. But I somehow managed to have deleted it. Winning the Champions league has been epic for us and me, it goes to show that we are now finally among the top clubs in Europe and a club not to be taken lightly (ask Barcelona fans and Bayern).

The finals against Bayern was an experience I’ll never forget, especially after the ooohhh so painful loss against Man United in 2008 (I remember shouting at my girlfriend and not talking to her for a few days after she made fun of the loss). I have a very clear rule when it comes to being my girlfriend I just have 3 rules… 1. Don’t cheat on me 2. Love Chelsea Fc. 3. Hate Manchester United now if you can follow these 3 simple rules I’m yours forever faithfully.

Anyway since I had fallen asleep on the 2nd leg of the Semi Finals against Barcelona (I was tired and a lil tipsy) So, I made sure I wasn’t gonna accidentally fall asleep again.  Charles and Himanshu had come over for the match, Kima (the famous Kima De Mizohician, a hardcore Arsenal fan which is really, really, really very sad. Why Arsenal Kima, Why?) was suppose to come over for dinner and drinks, but somehow we never got a chance to meet up while he was here in Delhi (next time for sure buddy). The first half was as I had imagined a lil slow, we defended and defended and defended and defended till halftime, 0-0 phew.


Now Charles and Himanshu after a bottle down had an epiphany, and about 1:30 realized that they HAD to go to Naukuchiatal (approx 350 kilometers from Delhi) for Escape (the music festival) and packed up in no less than 5 mins and left. There I was all alone, wearing my Chelsea Jersey a bottle of alcohol and mad as hell. Nevertheless The show must go on!

Second half was more interesting, more drama, and then… the unimaginable happened - Mueller scores and my heart fell. My phone started ringing, text from friends had to switch off my phone!

Redemption! We’re saved! Drogba scores! I screamed with Joygasm, “we have been redeemed, oh what a wonderful feeling”. Changed my shorts* (*had nothing to do with Joygasm I choked on my drink and spilled it on my shorts).

Penalty shoot-out: I can visually look back and see how stupid I must have looked, fist clenched; knees half bent (I must have looked liked a constipated man trying to take a crap).

And then Schweinsteiger misses Yesssssssss…..! Stomped my foot like a sumo wrestler.

Moment of truth Drogba steps up, looks normal, Neuer looks confident....I cant look, I turn around praying... Bam! He scores!!!

Screaming, no one to hug Dammit! Ran around my house screaming, woke up my cook, maid and driver (they must have thought I had gone mad). Came back to the living room, called up fellow Chelsea fans. a moment of tears rolled down my eyes.

Made a huge peg gulped it down, lit up a ciggie (like after a good performance, that serene moment of deep satisfaction)... 

...and thought “So this is what it feels like to never give up, all those years of frustration, being mocked, almost being there…”. I was the Happiest, loneliest person alive on earth that night. 

Some people like a club, some support club, some adore it, some just support a club for the sake of it,
I for one bleed blue, eat blue, drink blue, dream blue. I passionately love my club, My Chelsea FC. UEFA Champions League Winners 2012.

Now with the Euros starting today I am yet once again in a perplexed situation, as my team England have serious injury issues. But like Chelsea they must not lose hope as even the legendary England international Gareth Southgate said "England must emulate Chelsea's Champions League heroics" Southgate believes England must emulate Chelsea's

At the risk of sounding arrogant and overconfident I will make a statement - England European Champions 2012! 

                                                           Yes I said it!

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