Monday, January 28, 2013

Careers & Girlfriends

Sometimes we make the strangest comparisons to situations we face. This comparison may not be one of those strange ones, but I'm forced to believe jobs are just like girlfriends. You must be wondering how I came to this profound conclusion, well the truth is I'm at a crossroad in my career. Not to sound pompous but I regularly get offers to switch, which I usually turn down because I'm happy where I am. But the one I recently got was special, regardless of the financials (which was good but to me has never really been very important) I was sold a dream, a chance to start something big. I was sold a challenge and who turns down a challenge?

Initially it seemed like a very easy decision to make. My mind said “Take it” but as time went by, my heart said “Wait, think about it”. And for quite a while I've been in and out of a decision and still stand undecided with just a day left to decide.

So, as I was lying in bed last night sleepless and undecided, I remembered how I had felt like this a few years back not in any way related to jobs but girlfriends. What I realized is that leaving a job for another is as difficult as leaving someone you've been in a relationship with for someone else. The thing with me is that I've never been the type to just come to work and go home. Since we spend more time at work with colleagues than we do with our family, we might as well make work our second home, learn to love the place and the people. And I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the most beautiful people I know, honest and downright awesome colleagues and team mates.

I remember when I was about to join Mccann MRM it was love at first sight, like when you see a girl and you say “Dammit I want her, and get her”. Where I work now is a different story, I fell in love with the place along the way, and like I said, it feels like home now. It’s like one of those situations where, you get into a relationship not too sure about it, but over a period of time, you start to see the beauty of the person and you fall in love. That’s what the ride has been for me so far.

How do I move forward…which path will I choose…I still don’t know!


Dr John said...

Wow... Follow your heart ;)

Dr John said...
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Mizohican said...

Deep stuff bro, deep stuff

nazia shah said...

impressive and helpful, interesting keep it up