Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Understanding the Feminist Woman - Part 2

In my last blog I wrote about me trying to understanding the independent feminist woman, and after some long hard thinking and research I've figured there’s no understanding them. In fact they themselves don’t know what they want, they’re as confused as we are. Because the movement is new to them and they’re enjoying the fight and the semi freedom. The only way we can relate to them is if we look back in our teenage rebel years, young and free “I’ll do whatever I want” stage of life. A lot of the things they’re demanding make sense but some of them are just plain jibberish. If you go through some of their websites and actually read what they’re discussing, it’s laughable. They go so far as every woman should keep it bushy down south (agreed, to each her own hairstyle north and south of the body) but they talk about the scent too, and some of them argue that it’s a woman’s natural smell, men should appreciate it and women should not be ashamed of it. I mean what the fuck man! Really? I'm just glad that its still a mans world, and that things are still proper. 

I will say this for it must be said “Everything I know about being a proper gentleman was killed by feminism”. Chivalry is dead and women killed it! I don't even open doors for women anymore, I'm like "fuck it, you have 2 perfect arms do it yourself". I don't even offer seats to women anymore unless they're grannies or expecting mothers, I'm like "fuck it, you have 2 perfect set of legs, stand on them motherfuckers".

To be really honest feminist scare the shit out of me, because they’re unpredictable. And dating one would be…I don’t even have the word for it besides scary. She would shout at you for trying to be a man, hell she might even sue you for that shit. So my advice is stay away from them if you're an old timer like me. Trust me these women are crazy.

Quote: "Shes crazy, and just when you think you've reached the bottom of her craziness, there's a crazy underground garage"

Imagine you're dating one and its late at night and you're texting each other getting all romantic and shit, and you text her "babe I wanna get to know you better" in half a second flat she sends you this:
Don't you think the first statement outweighs the second? Yes she bakes cookies and shit, thats all thats there for you as her partner, if you're good to her you get cookies and shit, you make her the happiest woman in the world and all you get is cookies and shit. Is cookies worth being made to wish you were never born at all it? I mean Fuck cookies! what if I'm tired of eating cookies every damn day? 

Now there's a small chance you might say that was cute, now you ask her "babe I miss you, do you miss me too" and half a second later you get this: 

Now if you're an old fashioned guy like me, this is not my idea of romance. I know missing someone hurts but its not the same hurt as being smacked in the fucking face with a fucking rock. and it ends with "I hope you get the point here", the only point i got is that you're fucking crazy woman. You start thinking if shes like this when shes happy, I really don't wanna know what she might be like pissed off, she might cut your head off, or even worse drug you and cut... umm you know...'it'. 

It no hidden fact that we will never understand women, they don't understand themselves either, which is fair but what really pisses me off is that they try very hard to complicate whats already complicated. By that I mean they try really hard to make sure you never understand them. Don't believe me? This is a top secret message that was intercepted by one of my undercover spies. 

Now you tell me how much more fucked up can things get! 

I just glad its still a mans world. :-)

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